What is Builders Cleaning?

Cleaning up a construction site can be a big hassle. There is mess all over the place, no matter how hard the builder worked to keep things organized. All the dust, debris and dirt is strewn all over the construction space. Being forced to ask the construction crew to clean up after themselves can be expensive and not necessarily to your standards.

This is where a builders cleaning service can come in handy. This is a service tailored towards after construction cleaning. The skills, equipment and intelligent approach employed by our Builders Cleaning in Melbourne allows you to forget your post-construction cleaning woes. All you have to do is spend some extra cash, and you’ll have an extra clean space.

Builders Cleaning
Builders Cleaning

Why do you need builders cleaning?

Builders can argue that they’ve involved in enough construction to be able to take care of the cleaning detail by themselves. However, they are tradesmen, not cleaners. This also gives them a chance to bill you another day at their construction rates. While their crew may be capable of cleaning and making the site spotless, they are likely to take more time than a dedicated cleaning service like ours.

Who to hire for Builders Cleaning?

Our expert servicemen have an optimized approach to after construction cleaning. Cleaning debris, carrying equipment to make sure the place is spotless and even being able to move the dirt and debris to a disposal site are just a few benefits. When it comes to builders cleaning we have thought of it all.

Hiring us to do the construction cleaning makes more sense because our focus is only on the clean-up. There is nothing else to distract us from the process, and we have dedicated personnel and equipment for the task.

Renovation cleaning

As dedicated cleaners, we tend to be faster than most in house cleaning crews. We have the equipment, expertise and experience. When it comes to renovation cleaning, speed is of the essence. It helps to be sure you can start setting up your space soon after the construction is over. With our cleaning techniques, the place will be sparkling and look brand new in no time at all.

Technical cleaning expertise

We clean your windows, walls, ceilings with specific techniques to give the best clean in the least amount of time. Our Builders Cleaners have a different approach to different types of floors. Our multi-layered approach to cleaning ensures that we progress in the right way. Eliminating debris and dust before we get to wet cleaning and polishing processes.

Our knowledge makes us an excellent pick for cleaning a variety of different type of surfaces. Glass, marble, concrete, wood, there’s nothing we don’t know how to clean. Using the right kind of cleaning materials is an essential part of the cleaning to ensure that your precious interiors and exteriors do not get stained.

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Our builders cleaning in Melbourne has serviced many happy customers with our precise and intelligent approach to post-construction cleaning.

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