Tips To Get Your Bond Back

Ready to move into the rented property and worried how you would get your bond money back at the end?

At the end of your lease and wondering if you will get back your Bond Money?

Spent hours mopping, cleaning floors and tiles and still in doubt if you will get your Bond Money back?

Well, you are not alone. One of the most common issues faced by the tenants in Melbourne and other cities of Australia is the full refund of the bond at the end of the tenancy lease. Often landlords and property managers hold up the bond money referring to lack of cleanliness of the property. Even though you spend hours cleaning the home, something or the other goes wrong and there is a chance of losing your Bond money. This is a very tedious process to go through, and many people face this issue. However, if certain things are kept in mind right at the beginning of the lease term, you can surely get your full security deposit back. Here are few of them –

Bond Back Guarantee


Once you’ve decided on the property to move in, check the condition of the place yourself. Inspect the property meticulously for any existing short-comings or damages. Make sure that you mention all these details to your landlord and in the lease papers so that any future dispute over the pre-existing damages could be rectified and your bond money is safe.



This is the crucial one to remember. While you take care of other things like location, neighbourhood, the structure of the property, keep in mind the condition of the property and the documentation. Inspect the state of the property and then verify the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease papers to avoid any future dispute. A thorough reading of the documents before you move into the property is necessary for you to understand what you are signing for.



Take pictures of every nook and crook of the property and keep them safe as a proof for future reference. These pictures would help to strengthen your case should you be accused of not being responsible and damaging the property. Also, it is better to fix any issues in the property as and when they crop up such as broken window or anything of the sort. This will ensure that your bond money is safe at the time of departure.



Pay all your rent in time and file the receipts safely. This will give you an upper hand in building a strong profile as a tenant and also would serve as evidence in case of any bond money disputes. Some anomalies are acceptable, but continuous irregularities can harm your credit score and your reputation as well.

When you move in, the landlord gives you a set of keys which are a part of the contract. Losing the keys can cost you a massive deduction in your bond money after all; locks and keys are expensive and replacing them is another ballgame altogether.



Another critical aspect of securing your entire bond money is keeping the rented property clean (one should keep the property clean anyway), which also called- Vacate Cleaning.


Once you have given a proper notice that you’ll be vacating the property, you should take enough time out to set the property in order as you received it when you first moved in. Then the landlord cannot question your tenancy or hold up your precious bond money. This End of Lease Cleaning can also be done by hired professionals such as Bond Cleaning Melbourne services.  Professional cleaners have the expertise in Exit Cleaning, cleaning every nook and corner of your rented property to ensure that it is sparkling and neat. So, next time, if you are leaving the rented property, take care of only the nuances of moving in or out and leave the Rental Bond Cleaning to the experts to clean the property before it vacated.

Take care of these few general cleaning tips while renting a property, and you can rest assured, your bond money will be safe!

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