Things to know before booking a Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

Looking for Vacate Cleaning Melbourne Professionals?

If you are vacating a property in Australia, chances are you need to hire professional cleaning service to clean the premises before you hand it over to next tenants. Whether you are ending your lease, selling your place or renting it, vacate cleaning Melbourne is an integral part of this process.

end of lease cleaning

For leased properties, your property manager or landlord would not release your bond until the property is returned in the original condition. So, here are few tips that you can use when hiring an end of lease cleaning Melbourne:

1. Search on Google or Facebook for professional companies providing end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning service. Some companies might list this as a Bond Cleaning service as well.

2. You might request a quote via email or phone. Make sure you call the company to check how easily you can reach out to them in case you need help with any issues later on. There are some websites with no real support system, they just take your booking and money and never show up for job. Be wary of this before hiring!

3. Research how long they have been in the cleaning business and ask for a bond back guarantee. Basically, a Bond Back Guarantee ensures that if your property managers reports any cleaning issues, your cleaners should return and re-clean the areas. I would ask my property manager to inspect while the cleaners are there to check the issue is rectified to their satisfaction. This will get your bond refunded promptly.

4. Your real estate agent might also recommend their own cleaners. Chances are these cleaners would be a lot more expensive then the normal market rate. So, make sure you compare their quotes against other cleaning businesses in the area.

5. Avoid hiring freelance cleaners, or companies from Gumtree that are not registered or established. A lot of these ads are posted by people who are not in the full-time cleaning business and just looking to make money on the side. They are not professional cleaners and would not be able to clean the place up to the real estate standards for vacate cleaning to get your bond back.

6. I would always check ABN number online for the company you contact for quotes. You can see the registration details including when they started business. I would avoid businesses registered less than 2 years ago. These companies might not have enough experience in vacate cleaning Melbourne.

7. Do not just settle for any company offering the cheapest quote. I would suggest to check their reviews online on google as well. In saying that, take the reviews with a grain of salt as reviews are not a 100 percent representation of how good a company actually is. It will give you some idea about the standard of service. I would suggest paying little extra to hire a company with better reviews and who also offers reliability. You do not want the cheap quoting company cancelling on you at the last minute.

8. Avoid a company that doesn’t show up on a Google search. These are pop-up companies that are risky to hire.

9. Try to get an onsite quote rather than a phone quote. On-site quote will help avoid any surprise fees for you and the cleaners on the day when they come to clean. If you can’t get an on-site quote, confirm if the quote provided via email or phone is fixed. You also need to make sure that quote shows the inclusions and exclusions clearly. If the cleaners are not ready to provide a fixed quote, then you should ask what factors can change the price.

It will help you compare apples with apples, so to speak. You would want to avoid a situation where you hire a company who quoted you less but later increase the price. That would leave you with fewer options. hiring someone else on the same day might cost you more anyway. Another avoidable scenario is hiring someone with lower quote and  too many exclusions.

10. Finally, leave a review for the business that you hire. So if you are happy with the service, review them with 5 stars. Otherwise as appropriate with explaining your experience in what could they do better. If the service is not up to standar, it might be good idea to provide an opportunity to make up for it.

I am quite sure you would not go wrong if you follow the above 10 tips before you hire an vacate cleaning Melbourne professional.

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