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End of lease cleaning tasks

Top 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tasks to Ensure Complete Deposit Back

Living in a rented accommodation is something not what you really desire but it is a fact that you cannot afford to buy a home in each and every part of the world. You have no option but to hire a place for rent and yes, hiring a place means depositing some money too.

There is probably no owner who would allow any tenant to stay at his place without a deposit. The simple reason being the owner has invested a large sum of money in his apartment on all the elements present inside. In order to ensure that you do not create a mess at his place and spoil the stuff, he demands a deposit.

You do get your entire deposit back at the end provided you take care of things well until your end of lease date arrives. However, a lot of people wait for the last month and even the last moment and if you are also the one on this list, make sure you clean the following to perfection.

5 Must do End of Lease Cleaning Tasks

Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is the first thing that grabs the attention of visitors and your homeowner is no different. The first thing he is likely to see is the carpet. The carpet has the potential of making or breaking the beauty of a place and if it is not cleaned to perfection, it will definitely put your deposit in trouble.

Windows Cleaning

It is the windows only that tell whether a place has been cleaned on a regular basis or not. Usually, people clean the main area but forget to clean the windows and not cleaning them regularly may end up in asking for a professional help.

Upholstery Cleaning

This is where your owner is going to sit while having a chat with you. If he finds out that it is lacking maintenance and cleanliness, he will definitely think of deducting your deposit sum. Cleaning upholstery is definitely recommended as you yourself have to sit on it every day and not just because the owner will sit there on the D-Day!

Kitchen Cleaning

Now here is something which gets used on a daily basis and gets dirty on a daily basis. The kitchen stains is something which are hard to get rid of if not cleaned in the first place! Post that, only professionals can help you with you this end of lease cleaning task and if he sees any of the kitchen equipment not maintained, forget getting your deposit back.

Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom tiles and grout will show the owner your concern for cleanliness. From tiles to geyser, taps, washbasin, everything counts greatly and if any of such stuff has to be cleaned, later on, the owner will have to pay a sum to the cleaning professionals later on which he will deduct from your deposit only!