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Mould Removal Melbourne

Do you need Mould Removal, Mould Cleaning or Mould Remediation?

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We are Mould Removal and Mould Remediation experts in Melbourne. Our services include identification of Mould, source of Mould growth, Mould Removal Melbourne and tips to prevent further mould infestation and growth.

What is Mould and How is it caused?

Mould is a fungi that can cause major health hazard if not checked and removed. It is caused by excess moisture in damp and poor ventilated areas mostly bathrooms, laundry etc.

Mould Removal Melbourne
Mold on ceiling and walls

Other cases of Mould growth will be from water ingress due to burst pipes, overflown laundry or bathrooms etc. All of these events can cause mould growth on Walls, Ceiling, Floors including Carpets.

Mould can blacken the shower tiles grout lines and silicone sealing. It shows up as black spots on ceiling and walls. It releases microscopic spores that can cause bad odour and allergic reactions.

How is Mould Removal Melbourne done?

Though minor mould can be attempted as a DIY. However major mould breakout are best left to mould removal professionals.

Most common visible mould is called mildew. It starts as tiny, usually black spots and then grows further into large mould colonies. Shower grouts with mildew might just dirty.

To distinguish, just put few drops of bleach on shower grouts and leave it for 10 min. If the blackish grout lines lightens, it is mildew, otherwise dirt. Be careful when using bleach, as bleach can harm your skin as well as floors if spilled.

We use four steps for effective Black Mould Removal process.

  1. Inspection: Our professionals will first identify the areas having mould growth and level of mould growth. For wet areas, we need to dry it first using our industrial fans. Depending on the amount of water or moisture, it might take few hours to few days.
  2. Cleaning: They will then clean the affected areas using professional mould removal methods. Some parts of the affected area might need more work. For example, if the carpet has been stained by excessive mold, it might be beyond recovery and need replacement.
  3. Remediation: After cleaning, we spray the area with special agent to reduce excess mold spores from air. This improves air quality and reduces the chances of future mold breakouts.
  4. Prevention: Lastly, we ventilate the areas by opening the doors, windows and turning on any exhaust fan.

How to Prevent Mould in your homes and offices?

  1. Well Ventilated places will rarely get mould issues. So, if possible, open doors and windows for at least 10 to 15 min a day. Turn the exhaust on while or after bathing, washing and cooking activities.
  2. Mould sometimes can grow back after cleaning. For small areas of mould growth, you can try mould removal at home.
  3. For large areas of mould growth, call mould removal professionals.

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