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Mould Removal Melbourne

Do you need Mould Removal, Mould Cleaning or Mould Remediation?

Whether you are a Home Owner, a Property Manager, a Construction company or an Insurance Company executive, Mould is not just a nuisance but a potential health hazard as well.

Call Ministry Of Cleaning at 0470450390 or contact online for professional and reliable mould remediation solutions.

We are Mould Removal and Mould Remediation experts in Melbourne. Our services include identification of Mould, source of Mould growth, Removal of Visible Mould, Anti-Microbial fogging to sanitise air and tips to prevent further mould infestation and growth.

What is Mould and How is it caused?

Mould is a type of fungus that thrives in warm and damp environments, often found in areas with poor ventilation such as Bathrooms, Laundry and areas with prior water damage. It can appear as black, green, or white patches on surfaces and can pose health risks if left untreated.

Mould Removal Melbourne
Mould on ceiling and walls

Mould growth is typically triggered by high humidity levels and poor air circulation. Common areas where mould can develop include bathrooms, basements, kitchens, and attics.

Other cases of Mould growth will be from water ingress due to burst pipes, overflown washing machine, toilets, basins or even bathtubs. All of these events can cause mould growth on walls, ceiling, floors including carpets.

Mould can blacken the shower tiles grout lines and silicone sealing. It shows up as black spots on the ceiling and walls. It releases microscopic spores that can cause bad odour and allergic reactions.

Mould On Walls

How do I identify if it is mould?

The most common visible mould is called mildew. It starts as tiny, usually black spots and then grows further into large mould colonies. Shower grouts with mildew might just dirty.

To distinguish, just put a few drops of bleach on shower grouts and leave it for 10 min. If the blackish grout lines lighten, it is mildew, otherwise dirt. Be careful when using bleach, as bleach can harm your skin as well as floors if spilled.

How is Mould Removal Melbourne done?

A common question that we are asked is what type of mould we can remove. We remove all types of mould including the highly toxic black mould also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum.

We use four steps for the effective Mould Removal process.

  1. Mould Inspection: Our experienced team conducts thorough mould inspections to identify the extent of the mould infestation, locate moisture sources, and assess the affected areas. This step is crucial in developing an effective removal and remediation plan. We use professional equipment to measure the moisture level. For wet areas, we need to dry them first using our industrial drying equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers. Depending on the amount of water or moisture, it might take a few hours to a few days to dry before we can progress to the next step.
  2. Mould Removal and Cleaning: Using specialised equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure the safe and thorough removal of mould from surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, floors, and other affected areas. Some parts of the affected area might need more work than other areas. For example, if the carpet has been stained by excessive mould, it might be beyond recovery and need replacement. Our team follows industry best practices to prevent mould spores from spreading to other areas during the removal process. After the removal process, we meticulously clean and sanitise the affected areas to eliminate any remaining mould spores and prevent future growth. Our cleaning methods are designed to restore the cleanliness and hygiene of the property.
  3. Fogging Treatment / Remediation: After cleaning, our mould specialists spray indoors with a special agent to reduce excess invisible mould spores from the air.  This improves air quality and reduces the chances of future mould breakouts. This is also commonly called decontamination fogging. Windows or doors should not be open for up to 3 hours as advised by the technician. 
  4. Prevention: We guide you on how to keep your property mould free. After 3 hours, you can re-enter premises, and open the doors, windows or any exhaust fan.

Mould Remediation

In cases of severe mould infestations, as part of our remediation services, our technicians will advise any necessary repairs and restoration that is needed in the damaged areas to prevent mould recurrence. We focus on addressing the root cause of the mould growth to ensure long-term results.

What do I need to know if I want to attempt Mould cleaning myself?

Before you consider cleaning mould yourself, you need to know the below:

  1. Don’t rely on bleach to clean mould, as it is not effective in removing mould. It takes the colour from the surface because of its bleaching nature and makes it worse by hiding the roots of the mould.
  2. Failed mould removal attempt disturbs mould, which releases mould spores and mycotoxins that can cause respiratory, allergic or other illnesses in humans.
  3. Though half the battle is won by cleaning visible mould, it is important to treat air-borne & invisible mould spores.

How to Prevent Mould in your homes and offices?

  1. Well ventilated places will rarely get mould issues. So, if possible, open doors and windows for at least 10 to 15 min a day. Turn the exhaust on while or after bathing, washing and cooking activities.
  2. Mould sometimes can grow back after cleaning. For small areas of mould growth, you can try mould treatment at home to get rid of it.
  3. For large areas of mould growth, call our mould removal experts.
  4. Other practical tips are to control indoor humidity levels, fix leaks promptly and organise regular inspection of high-moisture areas.

Specialist Mould Removal Service For Real Estate Agents & Landlords

    • We have been working with various property managers across Melbourne to restore their properties back to mould free condition and make their tenants and landlords happy.
    • Free Mould Inspection Melbourne
    • In most cases, repainting is unnecessary after we clean mould
    • We prioritise jobs for our regular property managers
    • We get your tenant back into the property the same day

Our recent Mould cleaning works:

  1. Removed mould from multiple apartments in an apartment building with a history of plumbing and rainwater issues. 
  2. Remediated mould issues on a construction site where the timber was left open during the rains and it caused mould on the structural timber.
  3. Cleaned mould from bathroom ceiling and tile and grouts.

Other related cleaning services that we offer:

  1. Emergency Carpet Flood Recovery
  2. Flood Water Extraction
  3. Carpet Mould Removal
  4. Bathroom Mould Removal
  5. Mould Removal from Windows
  6. Mouldy Shower Grout Cleaning
  7. Timber Mould Removal from Construction Sites
  8. Wet Carpet Drying
  9. Reduce the moisture level using industrial-grade dehumidifiers
  10. Anti Microbial Spray
  11. Mould Removal from Boats, Canvas Tent & Caravan
  12. Silicone Recaulking to remove mould behind the silicone
  13. Remove Mould off walls, clothes, fabric and leather

Frequently Asked Questions About Mould

Should I just paint over the mould?

The short answer is No. Paint doesn’t kill Mould. Yes, you will not see the unsightly mould for a short while but it continues to grow under the paint and continues to pose a health risk for the inhabitants and soon will show up again.

Should I continue to stay in my mould rental property?

No! If you suspect a mould problem in your rental property, raise it with your landlord or property manager. Since Mould can affect the health of the residents, it is in their best interest to get the mould issue remediated professionally to avoid any legal ramifications down the line should it impact the tenant’s health.

Can I clean the Mould myself?

Though minor mould issues can be attempted as a DIY. However major mould breakout is best left to mould removal professionals.

Ministry Of Cleaning is dedicated to delivering premium mould removal services in Melbourne while prioritising the health and safety of our clients. Our professional Mould Removal services are in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the IICRC to ensure effective and safe removal of mould from residential and commercial properties.

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