Importance of getting house cleaned before selling it

Many real estate professionals claim – a cleaner home will usually sell faster than a dirty one. It’s worth the effort.

As per the information provided by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) that only 10 percent of homeowners keep a house as clean as it needs to be when showing it to potential home buyers.

Most of the sellers are still living in their homes when they are trying to sell it. Selling a house and getting ready for a move simultaneously is time consuming. At the same time trying to keep a spotless house is another tough job. As a result, buyers look at homes with filthy rugs, kids track mud inside, marred walls and scummy showers and all they see is more work, time and expense for them. Not only is it a financial turn off, but the hygiene factor also comes into play.

The solution to this problem is to deep clean the house. Deep cleaning involves going beyond the regular clean-up which a homeowner would normally not do on a regular basis.

Hiring professional cleaners to clean the entire house will be beneficial. The importance of cleaning the house with the help of professional cleaners when trying to sell your home.

Buyers Want a Home That Looks Clean & Fresh

Buyers are going to be walking through your halls and making decisions based on how it looks. You may not mind a little dust, or a few dirty dishes in the kitchen but a potential buyer might. During the visit he must be presented with a clean-looking home, inside-out.

It should look like a freshly built home. It will be hard to attain that level of clean all on your own and professional cleaners comes to your rescue here. They will be able to cover all the house cleaning aspects and even more.

It Satisfies the Buyer, and Will Save You Money

Once the buyer is willing to buy the house it is important to keep it looking gleaming. As discussed above that no one wants to move into mess. They will only be willing to do that if a discount given on the purchase price.

This discount will be much more than the cost getting the house cleaned by professional cleaners. Hence the house should be cleaned not only when you’re showcasing it even when you’re in the process of closing a deal. It will save you money and the buyer will get extra assurance.

Leaving everlasting impression

Even in the absence of a legal requirement to clean the house before moving out, sellers take exceptional steps to leave the home in an acceptable condition to buyers it will have a “WOW” effect.

This is typically a courtesy, not an obligation. Hiring a cleaning service can be an excellent solution.

There are nonetheless a few things a seller can do to leave then home reasonably clean and to create goodwill.

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