How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors bring warm beauty to your home. They are durable and with proper care, can last very long. But at the same time, hardwood floors are quite an investment. Learning how to clean wood floors is one of the best ways to protect that investment.

This guide prescribed by our cleaning experts at Ministry Of Cleaning will help you with the cleaning and suggest maintenance tips, including what tools and equipment to clean hardwood floors safely.

STEP 1: Sweep or Vacuum

Hardwoods need to be kept clean and free of dust and debris that can scratch and dull the surface. Use a broom or vacuum to remove dirt, dust, pet hair and other debris that could scratch the floor for daily cleaning. Don’t use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment as it could damage the surface of the floor instead use the floor-brush attachment. Depending on traffic and the number of pets and children you have, you’ll need to do this at least once a week.

STEP 2: Mop

Dust mopping won’t remove the dirt and grime that builds up over time. For periodic deep cleaning, you will need to use a liquid cleaner. Add a few drops of liquid to the water. Make sure to wring out most of the water out of the mop, so it’s damp. Avoid leaving any standing water on the floor, as this can damage the wood. This is especially true for pre-finished hardwood floors. Rinse the mop with clean water, wring out excess water and damp mop the floor to remove the cleaner. Avoid using harsh detergents, or they’ll dull the surface. You can also use a spray-and-mop product. They don’t require a bucket and dry quickly. For a quick clean, use disposable wet pads. Heavily trafficked areas should be cleaned more often, every week or two.

Steam cleaning is not advised for hardwood floors as it can dull the finish and can damage the wood.

cleaning hardwood floors

STEP 3: Revitalize

No matter how often you clean your hardwood floor, scratches are inevitable. Here are a few quick fixes:

  • Try liquid scratch concealers – When they dry, they form a permanent seal that won’t come off during cleaning.
  • You can restore the shine with floor polish. It’ll also protect your floor from wear and help fill small scratches.
  • Use floor wax to revitalize and deep clean worn floors. Always apply floor wax to go with the grain of the wood.
  • Put doormats inside and outside exterior doors to cut down on the dirt and moisture tracked in.
  • Avoid scratches by using floor protectors under furniture and putting down rugs in high-traffic areas.


Cleaning Frequency

The best way to clean wood floors and keep them in shape is to stick to a regular schedule of maintenance.

Daily or as often as possible: Sweep, dust or mop

Weekly: Vacuum on bare floor setting

Bi-Weekly: Clean heavy-traffic areas with a damp mop

Monthly: Clean with recommended wood cleaner

Every three to five years: Apply a fresh coat of finish

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