How Does a Clean Workplace Benefit your Business?

The old saying goes ‘untidy desk, untidy mind’ and it often stands true when it comes to a workplace. Having untidy jumbled up work-spaces is known to correlate with less efficiency and productivity at work directly. In addition to that, untidy offices can exude an adverse effect and a weak impression on your visitors.

Clean Workplace is very important

Regular cleaning of your office should be an essential part of your daily operations. It is a rewarding long term investment that can improve the efficiency of your employees and give an impressive outlook to your business.

Still not convinced how a clean office can help you? Read on as we list the top reasons!

Happy Employees, Happy Results

The employees of your company spend more than half of their day at the office. By keeping their place of employment clean, you can make sure that their work areas are neat, well-organized, and most importantly, ready for work.

Disorganized and untidy workplaces can be distracting to the employees, says Vipy Agarwal, an Australian retailer for Cricket Bats. They can get in the way of your employees completing their tasks. Blocked pathways through the desks can make it challenging to move around, which might affect their motivation and make them and feel unhappy at work.

By taking steps to implement an organized clutter-free office, you will also indirectly encourage other employees to tidy up their areas, resulting in a happy and productive workspace.

If you need some statistics to go along with that, a recent study by Brigham Young University revealed that 88% of the individuals that were interviewed described that their productiveness and the ability to concentrate and learn were hindered in a dingy and unkempt area. 

A First Impression To Remember

If your company welcomes visitors regularly, hiring professional cleaners is crucial in nailing that perfect first impression.

Put yourself in a client’s shoe. Would you be more confident in dealing with a well-kept professional-looking office or a dingy cluttered office where you have to clear your way through the heaps of documents and wires? The answer is simple.

With the services of an office cleaning company, you are sure to have a hygienic and welcoming office any time you invite clients or other guests. An environment of this sort delivers a great first impression and elevates your company and brand in the eyes of a customer.

A Hygienic Workplace

With several employees working within one space, an office can quickly turn into a breeding ground for germs.

Regular vacuuming of floors reduces health hazard

According to Kimberly-Clark Professional, the average office lunchroom has approximately 20,000 germs for every square inch. Door knobs, microwave handles, and other locations that employees come into contact regularly are some of the most germ-ridden areas.

The growth of mould is also a health hazard that needs looking out. It can result in several severe illnesses, including respiratory issues. Mould grows in damp areas like washrooms.

Proper cleaning, especially of the kitchen and washrooms, lets you stay ahead of the curve and prevent the growth and spread of germs and bacteria.

There is a direct relationship between clean working spaces and better employee health. This, in turn, means employees will take less sick leaves, allowing your company to operate at maximum efficiency.

Some of the steps you can take to maintain hygienic surroundings include throwing away trash to designated bins and never leaving trash overnight. Train your employees to follow the basic etiquettes such as avoiding food messes and organizing their desks.

Carpets can hide an array of germs and bacteria so you might need carpet cleaning periodically. The shared kitchen requires a thorough clean up every week. Do not forget the insides of the microwave while you are at it.

Ensures Safety

While this is not one of the first things that come to mind when speaking about a clean workplace, a tidy workplace can also vastly contribute to everyone’s safety.

Don’t Understand the ABC’s?

OSHA Australia defines occupational hazard, as “anything in the workplace that can cause harm”. This form of hazard is caused by negligence on behalf of the employer or unawareness of the hazard by employees.

An untidy workplace could pose invisible threats. For instance, clutter on the floor might hide wires that staff members could trip over and hurt themselves. Boxes stacked in an unsafe manner could topple on a worker and severely injure him. Desks and office equipment kept randomly could block exits and fire exits, making it much more difficult to escape in case of an evacuation. Such safety issues can leave you, as the employer, open to lawsuits.

Improve Assets’ Useful Life and Reduce Costs

Initially, you might consider Professional cleaning as an expense, but if you think about it, it can be considered an investment. Your office equipment such as carpets, machines, and computer equipment gets cared for, which ensures you can use them for longer. The bottom line is, a professional cleaning can cost you every month, but when you look at the big picture, you can eventually save a significant amount.

Improves the Air Quality in your Office

Air quality is not only crucial for residences but workplaces as well. It usually is not a priority when it comes to offices, but it can have a significant impact on the performance level, not to mention the health of the staff members. 

Fun fact: Airborne pollutants are one hundred times greater indoors when compared with the outdoors.

This means having proper ventilation and an air filtering system. These methods of providing an extra supply of air into the office area are crucial for the employees who spend most of their days at the office. Keep vents clear and consider adding a few indoor plants to filter out carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

In short, a tidy and sanitized working area displays a standard of professionalism. It conveys to employees and consumers that you care about the company. The task of regularly cleaning your office can seem daunting as house cleaning. But with a professional cleaning company at hand to do the dirty work, you can sit back. At the same time, they ensure your office looks sparkling and ready for business.

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