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Top 5 End of Lease Cleaning Tasks to Not Skip at Any Cost

Do you live in a rented place? Is your end of lease date arriving anytime soon? If yes, we hope you do know how important it is to clean the place before the owner actually arrives to see the condition of his place. If you have kept the place in proper hygiene and beauty throughout the year, you need not worry at all but if you haven’t, you definitely need to worry!

Why are we saying this due to the fact that your security deposit is directly proportional to the way your place looks and the way you have maintained it in the past! If you want your complete deposit back, you have to really get the things to look like day 1, the way they looked when the owner handed over the keys to you.

So, are you ready for some cleaning action? Let’s get started and make sure you do not skip the following tasks at any cost!

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Top 5 Must do End of Lease Cleaning Tasks

Carpet Cleaning

Well, this is what holds the attention first of the people coming to your place as it is the carpet only where people put their first foot forward. Your owner will also look at the carpet and definitely its condition when he enters the place. It is important to clean the carpet efficiently and if you find it hard to manage on your own, hiring professionals for the same is recommended greatly.

Upholstery Cleaning

If the carpet is the one which grabs the first attention, the upholstery is the one that makes him sit in the first place. Your owner will definitely sit on the upholstery to have a word with you first of all. If the upholstery looks untidy, he will definitely put this into his bill of cleaning expense on your behalf.

Kitchen Cleaning

This is a place which gets dirty on a regular basis due to the immense amount of work that goes into cutting the vegetables and preparing the dishes. The stains are hard to get rid of if you haven’t cleaned it on a regular basis. Nonetheless, try to clean them and anything else that makes the kitchen look unattractive. If you can manage, well and good, and if you can’t, simply call the end of lease cleaning professionals.

Bathroom Cleaning

Now, this is another area that gets used on a daily basis and the bathroom is actually the place where you get rid of your entire dirt or the dirt of your body. If you do not wipe the water and clean the tiles and grout regularly, doing it at the last moment can make the task a bit too tough. Again, put efforts, if you get it cleaned on your own, you save yourself from the expense of hiring professionals for the same.

Window Cleaning

Most of the people do not think that the windows form an integral part of house cleaning. This is the reason they do not pay much attention to cleaning them. However, this is not how exactly your owner is going to look. If you do not maintain your windows, it clearly states you do not conduct regular cleaning. So, make sure to not let any negative image be informed of you in the eyes of the owner by cleaning the windows nicely, with a proper technique, and with the best cleaning solutions. So, all the best for your end of lease cleaning tasks!

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