Cost of House Cleaning in Melbourne

Everyone loves a beautifully cleaned home. But do you want to clean it? May be not.

Let’s be real, not everyone loves cleaning! Some people might be okay cleaning their homes. However, if given an option, they will more likely go for it.

This option is to hire professional house cleaners.

As you as you decide that you need help with domestic cleaning, there will be lot of questions in your mind.

First one could be where to find a good cleaner. And how?

Then how much do they charge?

Well, this is what we will briefly talk about.


How much does it cost to hire House cleaning professionals in Melbourne?

Depending on whether the cleaner is working independently or through an agency or cleaning company, cost would vary.

We have seen independent cleaners charging anywhere between $25 per hour to $45 per hour. There are various factors governing where would your cleaner be in this pricing range.

Your location as in where do you live is the primary factor. If you live in one of the costliest Melbourne suburbs like Toorak, Brighton, Malvern, Brunswick, Essendon, Balwyn etc. then you can expect to pay more. This is sort of additional suburb tax that you might be paying to the cleaner or the cleaning company you hire.

However, in relatively more-affordable-suburbs like Craigieburn, Pascoe Vale, Point Cook, Clayton, Ringwood, the cost would certainly be lower than pricey suburbs.

Another important A spring Clean, once off clean or an end of lease clean would cost more than a regular house cleaning.


How long do professional cleaner take to clean a house?

General House Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, number of bedrooms = number of hours need for general house cleaning. However, most of cleaners would charge for minimum 2 hours.

The above estimation may vary depending on the size, condition and your cleaning wish list.

For example, one of trusted professional cleaning company based in Melbourne charges $70 to do general cleaning for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit. This equates to $35 per hour per cleaner.

Similarly, a 4 bedrooms house cleaning would cost around $140. This is calculated based on 4 hours of general clean. It could be a couple spending two hours each, or one cleaner cleaning for 4 hours.

One thing worth noting is that if you have not been cleaning your home regularly, it might take longer for the first clean. This big clean could take an hour or so extra to get on the top of it. 

Regular House Cleaning Checklist

  • Kitchen – Benchtop, Cooktop, Splashback, Sink, Taps
  • Bathroom – Shower Screen , Vanity, Basin, Taps
  • Dusting the Furniture
  • Vacuuming the floors including Carpets
  • Mopping the hard floors

Spring Cleaning & Once Off Cleaning

Once or twice a year, you might need a deep clean, including additional areas for cleaning like cabinets, skirting boards, windows to be cleaned. This is also known as Spring Cleaning or Once Off Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is suitable when you are preparing your home for change of season, an event or just a get together. It will require extra elbow grease and time to clean doors, walls, skirtings, so cleaner might charge extra hourly rate as well.

End Of Lease Cleaning & Vacate Cleaning

For Rental Bond Cleaning or End Of Tenancy Vacate Cleaning, the checklist gets even more tedious and exhaustive. This service is called End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

This is recommended when you are vacating your lease property and need to get your bond back from the real estate agent or the holding agency.

You can read our blog for cost of hiring vacate cleaners.

Hope this helps.

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