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Tips To Get Your Bond Back

Ready to move into rented property and worried how you will get your bond money back at the end?

At the end of your lease term and wondering if you will get back your Bond Money?

Spent hours mopping, cleaning floors and tiles and still in doubt if you will get your Bond Money back?

Well, you are not alone. One of the most common issues faced by the tenants in Melbourne and other cities of Australia is the full refund of bond at the end of tenancy lease. Often landlords and property managers hold up the bond money referring to lack of cleanliness of the place. Even though, you spend hours cleaning up the place, but something or the other goes wrong and there is a chance of losing your Bond money. This is a very tedious process to go through and seriously several people face this issue. However, if certain things are kept in mind right at the beginning of the lease term, you can surely get your full security deposit back. Here are few of them –


Once you’ve made a decision on the property to move in, check the condition of the place yourself. Inspect the property meticulously for any existing short-comings or damages. Make sure that you mention all these details to your landlord and in the lease papers so that any future dispute over the pre-existing damages could be settled and your bond money is safe.



This is the crucial one to remember. While you take care of other things like location, neighborhood, structure of the property etc. keep in mind the condition of the property and the documentation. Inspect the state of the property and then verify the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease papers to avoid any future dispute. A thorough reading of the documents, before you move into the property, is necessary for you to understand what you are signing up for.



Click pictures of every nook and corner of the property and keep them safe as a proof for future references. These pictures would help you in strengthening your case that you have not been responsible for bringing any damage that could be deducted from the bond money. Also, it is better to fix any issues in the property as and when they crop up such as broken window or anything of the sort. This will ensure that your bond money is safe at the time of departure.



Pay all your rent in time and file the receipts safely. This will give you an upper hand in building a strong profile as a tenant and also would serve as evidence in case of any bond money disputes. Some anomalies are acceptable but continuous irregularities can harm your credit score and your reputation as well.

When you move in, the landlord gives you a set of keys which are a part of the deal that losing the keys can cost you a massive deduction in your bond money after all; locks and keys are expensive and replacing them is another ballgame altogether.



Another important aspect of securing your entire bond money is keeping the rented property clean (one should keep the property clean anyway), which is also called- Vacate Cleaning.


Once you have given a proper notice that you’ll be vacating the property, you should take enough time out to set the property in order as you received, when you first moved in so that the landlord cannot question your tenancy or hold up your precious bond money. This End of Lease Cleaning can also be done by hired professionals such as Bond Cleaning Melbourne services.  Professional cleaners have the expertise in Exit Cleaning, cleaning every nook and corner of your rented property to ensure that it is sparkling and neat. So, next time, if you are leaving rented property, take care of only the nuances of moving in or out and leave the Rental Bond Cleaning to the experts to clean the property before it is vacated.

Take care of these few general tips while renting property and you can be rest assured, your Bond Money will be safe!

Things to know before moving houses

When it comes to moving a house there’s a lot to be done. Starting from all the big physical stuff to the small bits of paperwork. Whether it’s packing, cleaning or moving, some things tend to get left behind.

The complicated and stressful process of moving a house will become much easier and problem free, when you know how to do it, right?

Information is power!

The job of moving the house can be turned into a problem-free and stress-free experience when you’ve got a convenient list of things to know before moving out.

Mentioned below are the key points you must be familiar with before moving a house.

Precise cost estimation is the first step

With so many things to do before moving out, it’s easy for you to get perplexed as to how to start the preparation period. Specially for those who have little or no relocation experience.

The very first and the major step is to learn how much that upcoming move will cost you. To learn the cost of your move, request free cost estimates from reputable moving companies. Then, after establishing the initial contact, ask the pre-screened movers to visit your home in person so that you have accurate in-home price quotes. The moving experts must visit your place as cost estimates received over the phone or via e-mail are not possibly accurate enough.

Skilled movers are the way to go!

Hiring good & professional mover is another very important thing to keep in mind before moving out. Many people believe that using professional movers is always the expensive option. But that’s not really the truth. Organizing a self-move involves several hidden costs that will have a negative impact on your budget.

The cost of packing supplies to renting moving equipment and a moving van, the self-moving expenses will only continue to grow & hurt your budget.

The full-service moving companies offer customized relocation solutions according to your need and budget. In addition, professional movers come insured so that your prized possessions will be in safe hands.

Decluttering is the KEY

As you are planning to move you should inventory your entire home for all the furnishings and items you have. Take some time out to truly think what all are useful, and which are just taking up space. Start with a decluttering strategy, keep items that add value to your life and get rid of the useless ones by either selling or donating them.

Interestingly, getting rid of the useless items will help:

  • Reduce the transportation costs.
  • Increase the storage space in your new home
  • Raise cash in hand, which can be used in your upcoming moving expense.

Moving can be a long and stressful process. So, when it comes to leaving your rental property at the end of your lease, it’s important to leave the place clean and tidy. In order to secure your bond in full, you need to leave things as you got when you moved in. This calls for hiring a professional vacate cleaning service. There are certain cleaning requirements you might have to meet in order to

  • Get your security deposit back
  • Sell it quickly, if it’s your own
  • Help you build a good and everlasting impression as a tenant

Cost of House Cleaning in Melbourne

Everyone loves a beautifully cleaned home. But do you want to clean it? May be not.

Let’s be real, not everyone loves cleaning! Some people might be okay cleaning their homes. However, if given an option, they will more likely go for it.

This option is to hire professional house cleaners.

As you as you decide that you need help with domestic cleaning, there will be lot of questions in your mind.

First one could be where to find a good cleaner. And how?

Then how much do they charge?

Well, this is what we will briefly talk about.


How much does it cost to hire House cleaning professionals in Melbourne?

Depending on whether the cleaner is working independently or through an agency or cleaning company, cost would vary.

We have seen independent cleaners charging anywhere between $25 per hour to $45 per hour. There are various factors governing where would your cleaner be in this pricing range.

Your location as in where do you live is the primary factor. If you live in one of the costliest Melbourne suburbs like Toorak, Brighton, Malvern, Brunswick, Essendon, Balwyn etc. then you can expect to pay more. This is sort of additional suburb tax that you might be paying to the cleaner or the cleaning company you hire.

However, in relatively more-affordable-suburbs like Craigieburn, Pascoe Vale, Point Cook, Clayton, Ringwood, the cost would certainly be lower than pricey suburbs.

Another important A spring Clean, once off clean or an end of lease clean would cost more than a regular house cleaning.


How long do professional cleaner take to clean a house?

General House Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, number of bedrooms = number of hours need for general house cleaning. However, most of cleaners would charge for minimum 2 hours.

The above estimation may vary depending on the size, condition and your cleaning wish list.

For example, one of trusted professional cleaning company based in Melbourne charges $70 to do general cleaning for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit. This equates to $35 per hour per cleaner.

Similarly, a 4 bedrooms house cleaning would cost around $140. This is calculated based on 4 hours of general clean. It could be a couple spending two hours each, or one cleaner cleaning for 4 hours.

One thing worth noting is that if you have not been cleaning your home regularly, it might take longer for the first clean. This big clean could take an hour or so extra to get on the top of it. 

Regular House Cleaning Checklist

  • Kitchen – Benchtop, Cooktop, Splashback, Sink, Taps
  • Bathroom – Shower Screen , Vanity, Basin, Taps
  • Dusting the Furniture
  • Vacuuming the floors including Carpets
  • Mopping the hard floors

Spring Cleaning & Once Off Cleaning

Once or twice a year, you might need a deep clean, including additional areas for cleaning like cabinets, skirting boards, windows to be cleaned. This is also known as Spring Cleaning or Once Off Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is suitable when you are preparing your home for change of season, an event or just a get together. It will require extra elbow grease and time to clean doors, walls, skirtings, so cleaner might charge extra hourly rate as well.

End Of Lease Cleaning & Vacate Cleaning

For Rental Bond Cleaning or End Of Tenancy Vacate Cleaning, the checklist gets even more tedious and exhaustive. This service is called End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

This is recommended when you are vacating your lease property and need to get your bond back from the real estate agent or the holding agency.

You can read our blog for cost of hiring vacate cleaners.

Hope this helps.

Tile & Grout Look Pathetic

What are The Reasons for Your Tile & Grout to Look Pathetic?

Our home is probably the biggest blessing God has bestowed upon us and we should really be thankful for the same. Simply thanking is not enough as you need to take care of each and every element of your house with care. A home comprises of a lot of rooms and each room is equipped with various things. All these rooms and the things present in it look excellent only when they are maintained on a regular basis and one thing that needs maximum attention from your side is nothing but the tile and grout cleaning! This is one thing that is often overlooked by the individuals and the reason is a shabby and dirty looking kitchen, bathroom, and the home itself. Regular cleaning can definitely stop this from happening but due to the following reasons, people face this situation quite a lot!

Top 5 Reasons for Your Tile & Grout to Look Pathetic

You do not clean them regularly

The first and foremost reason for your tile and grout to look pathetic is the fact you do not clean them on a regular basis. Tile and grout is something which gets used on a daily basis as a lot of dirty water, oil, food residues, and other things come into contact with it, making them dirty. When you do not get rid of such pollutants on a regular basis, they start making the tiles to look unattractive.

You use low-quality cleaning solutions

This is a bit of technical issue. Most of the people do not have enough knowledge of selecting the most appropriate cleaning solution according to their tile type. The worst part comes when they are looking to shop only cheap cleaning solutions in order to save money. They do not realize that cheap cleaning solutions use low-quality chemicals which do more damage to the tiles.

You do not clean them properly

There is a proper way to carry out the tile and grout cleaning task and one should learn it to do it the correct way. It can include anything like picking up the right cloth to the way of rubbing, the frequency and speed of rubbing and cleaning. If you do not do any of the things as they are meant to or do everything in a hurry, you will not get the desired results!

You make them dirty yourself

Simply cleaning a thing is not enough if you wish to make it look appealing to the eyes always, it is also important to stop doing things which make them dirty in the first place. The worst enemy of tile is your footwear. Make sure you don’t take your footwear directly to your washroom; rather use separate footwear for inside. Also, stop throwing things at it unnecessarily thinking it will be cleaned later on. You might clean but regular stains take the beauty of tiles away easily.

You just don’t care

This is pretty much an attitude and careless behavior problem and one can hardly do anything about it. If you do not care for the look of your tile and grout, there is no way it will look good. For such people, hiring professionals for tile and grout cleaning is greatly recommended and that too on a regular basis!