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Carpet Flood Recovery Melbourne

carpet flood damage melbourne

Professional Carpet Flood Recovery Melbourne

Carpet flooding from burst pipes, overflown bathrooms, leaking washing machine or other sources is more common than you think. Whether this water is clean or dirty, it can damage your Carpets and flooring if not extracted immediately.  This is referred to as Carpet Flood Damage Melbourne or Carpet Water Damage Melbourne.

Ministry Of Cleaning is experienced and proficient in Carpet Flood recovery. Your beautiful looking carpet can turn into a sour piece if urgent steps are not taken to prevent its damage. Remember, this is not a do it yourself job. Carpet flood demands instant professional help. As, once the water seeps through the carpet into the underlay and the wood/concrete floor beyond the underlay, then the recovery is more complex and costs more time, effort and money. We have years of experience in providing efficient and fast carpet flood water extraction services. Any delay in seeking carpet flood recovery can lead to permanent carpet damage.

Looking for professional and affordable carpet flood recovery services? Contact Ministry of Cleaning professionals now!

Experts Tips To Handle Carpet Flooding Crisis:

  • Turn off the main water valve immediately
  • Try fixing the leak or roof blockage
  • Stop panicking
  • Call carpet flood damage professionals like Ministry Of Cleaning
  • Meanwhile, insulate your wooden or fabric furniture from water

Our Carpet Flood recovery method includes the below steps:

  • Damage Assessment

First of all. our carpet water damage experts inspect the place and look around the carpet, floors, furniture to assess the damage caused by the water. Based on the severity of that, we will choose the most appropriate flood recovery method for it.

  • Water Removal

Most noteworthy, we need to extract the water out immediately from the carpet to prevent any further damage. As carpet flood damage Melbourne professionals, we might also suggest to remove the underlay so as to dry, clean and repair it if necessary. We strongly recommend that you attend to it urgently and not leave it to dry naturally without use of professional drying equipment. Or it may lead to bacterial activity in carpets, underlay & flooring beneath and cause health threatening mould and unpleasant odour issues.

  • Anti-Microbial Application

Microbes such as bacteria and fungi develop and thrive greatly due to the trapped moisture under the carpet. To protect the carpet from such unwanted guests and from becoming stingy and giving out a bad odor, an anti-microbial solution is significant.

  • Carpet Drying Procedure

We have highly specialized high-speed fans to complete carpet flood restoration. Apart from this, our trained carpet water damage Melbourne professionals use dehumidifying equipment to get rid of any water present out there.

  • Fresh Underlay Installation

Lastly, there are times when going for a fresh underlay installation becomes a must. It all depends on the treatment offered and more importantly on the time taken for the treatment. We try to recover the carpets as much as we can so you don’t need to get brand new carpets.

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Remember, don’t wait too long and call Ministry Of Cleaning professionals at 0470450390. If left too long, carpets maybe beyond recovery and might need replacement.

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