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Carpet Cleaning Balwyn

Contact Ministry of Cleaning to request a free quote for carpet steam cleaning in Balwyn and surrounding areas for residential & commercial premises today!

Need Carpet Cleaning In Balwyn?

When you need Carpet Steam Cleaning in Balwyn or nearby areas, Ministry Of Cleaning is a reliable and affordable name and choice. Carpet forms the essence of residential and commercial space and is responsible for boosting or bringing down the curb appeal. With the passing of time, the carpet tends to go soiled, dirty, stained, and unattractive. This is when professional carpet cleaners like us come into play.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Why do my Carpets need Steam Cleaning?

While vacuuming your carpets regularly is a good practice to keep the dust and dirt off your carpets. However, professional carpet cleaning is essential to get rid of all the pollutants and allergens sittings deep within that you can’t clean with a vacuum cleaner. The deep carpet clean also brings its appearance, cleanliness and appeal back in no time.

Do you want to maintain and care about the spotlessness of your carpet on a regular basis? Avail carpet cleaning services in Balwyn or nearby suburbs, you will have smiling faces coming into your house. If you do not care about its maintenance; you will see unhappy and unpleasant faces entering the house. With us on board, your carpets will be clean and hygienic in no time.


Why hire our Balwyn Carpet Cleaners?

Ministry of Cleaning is a fully registered cleaning company servicing residential & commercial premises. We offer the affordable Carpet Cleaning Balwyn residents have been looking for. Whether you need Carpet Cleaning to get your bond back or getting ready for the new season, our experienced and skilled technicians will clean your carpets to the highest standards. For last-minute requirements, we offer same day service as well.

  • When we clean the carpets, your Carpets stays clean longer. If you need Carpet protection, we offer it as well at additional cost, Carpet protection helps keep your carpet easy to clean in case of spills or accidents.
  • Our professional team will clean your carpets professionally and hygienically using Eco-friendly chemicals that leave your carpet absolutely safe for kids and pets to walk upon and even lie down on.
  • Moreover, we use top of the range cleaning equipment suitable to clean your carpets to utmost cleaning standards. We use a proven hot water extraction method to clean your carpets.
  • If you need help in moving light furniture like chairs, just ask our friendly cleaners. They would happily do it at no extra cost.
  • In case you have left the cleaning to the last minute, we provide same day service as well.
  • For flooded carpets, we provide emergency cleaning services as well like Flood Water Recovery.

Our Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Process

  1. First, we begin with vacuuming to pick up any loose dirt or dry solids. Our high power industrial vacuum cleaner will pull up a significant amount of soil and dirt.
  2. Second, we use a special stain treatment to pre-treat any stains or areas requiring special attention. (Optional)
  3. Then we pre-spray our heavy-duty carpet cleaning solution all over the carpet. This helps separate contaminants like soil & dirt from the carpet fibres.
  4. After the pre-spray, we use proven hot water extraction method, also called Carpet Steam Cleaning. Carpet is rinsed well with hot water to extract the dirt from the carpet leaving carpet fresh and clean.
  5. Though most of the water is extracted after the rinse using our machine. we suggest to let the carpet dry for 6-8 hours before putting it to use. It might take longer depending on the weather, ventilation and other factors. Your carpet cleaning technician should be able to advise you about this drying period.
  6. After the extraction, carpets are groomed to keep the matting uniform.
  7. The final step is to protect the carpet using Teflon based protectant. This helps carpet stay clean longer and spills easy to wipe. (Optional)

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When looking for economical yet qualitative carpet cleaning services, Ministry of Cleaning is the obvious choice! Give us a call at 0470450390 now or Book Cleaning Online!

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