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Builders Cleaning Melbourne

Are you looking for Builders Cleaning Melbourne? Call 0470450390 to book.

Have you renovated a property and builders left quite a mess behind to clean. Seems like you need to hire a Builders Cleaning Melbourne.

Certainly, After Renovation Cleaning is not a Do-It-Yourself. Therefore, hiring professional is the way to go. Renovation Cleaners will clean all the dust, dirt, grime and remove the rubbish left.

Most Importantly, whether it is an entire place or only individual areas that you need cleaned, we clean it to the highest standard. We employ latest cleaning equipment, cleaning solution and methods.

If you need affordable Builders Cleaning Service in Melbourne, Call Ministry Of Cleaning. We provide best renovation cleaning service. 

Ministry of Cleaning has specialized professionals for Builders cleaning service. We bring all required equipment and cleaning products. Our team of cleaners have extensive experience in Builders Cleaning sector. We will have your property clean spotlessly and ready for your move in.

Renovation Cleaning for Furnished Property

If you have renovated your property, chances are it will be furnished. You don’t need to worry at all. We offer builders cleaning services for furnished property as well. It includes furniture cleaning on the top of everything that we do for unfurnished properties.

Builders Cleaning Service for Unfurnished Property

After our renovation cleaning, there’ll be no trace of left-over construction material on walls, floors or windows.

Our Builders Cleaning Checklist

  • Removing Paint and Cement Splashes from floors, windows, frames and where necessary
  • Cleaning settled dust off the surfaces including Kitchen Benchtop, cabinets
  • Windows Cleaning – Internal and External
  • Floors Vacuumed and Mopped including Balconies
  • Showers and Toilets cleaned
  • Bedrooms Cupboards wiped clean
  • Doors and Handles wiped Clean
  • Light switches wiped clean
  • Skirting boards wiped clean

Hire us today for your Builders Cleaning. Please contact us at 0470 450 390 for your Post Construction Cleaning.

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