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Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Cleaning Company

We have all been there. The sun is out and it is a beautiful day, until you open your windows and the sun filters in through dirt caked windows.

Dirty Windows not only block a good view but brings down appeal of your property as well

A house with filthy windows is an instant deal breaker, no matter how attractive the rest of the property is. A clean window not only enhances the curb appeal but also lets in more natural light, making the living space brighter and much more welcoming.

But, choosing a window cleaning company is not simple. Sure, your local gardener or the office janitorial service might offer to do it, but only a professional window cleaners can actually deliver the sparkling windows that your house craves for.

Windows – Before and After Cleaning

Without further ado, here are the top things you should take into consideration before contracting a window cleaning service.

How much experience do they have?

This should be one of the top criteria to rank your shortlisted candidates. There isn’t a huge upfront cost for starting a window cleaning service, but it takes a significant amount of effort and happy customers to stay in business for years. Make sure that the company washes windows throughout the year and don’t only do the job during certain seasons as a second job.

Windows being cleaned professionally

Cleaning businesses do not generally need a permit or license to operate in Australia so it is up to you to weed out the unqualified and inexperienced companies and opt for professional companies that are educated on the know-how.

People tend to be drawn towards franchises, but be very cautious with them. While good for fast food, franchises are not generally great as window cleaning companies. This is because the level of quality and customer care tends to vary from one franchise owner to another. While the main company might be well known, the level of service you receive from a franchise owner might differ.

Do they value customer satisfaction?

You have to ensure that the company you do business places a high emphasis on client satisfaction. A great and professional cleaner would even come back and redo the job if you are not happy with the final result. You should go for a company that focuses on the client and will go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy rather than a company that is rushing through the procedure.

Hiring Professional Window Cleaner

How could you gauge this, you might ask. Speaking to past clients is an excellent way to do that, so is reading reviews on the Internet. Find at least three reviews or references and make sure that these references are for your type of facility as this guarantees they have experience dealing with similar facilities. When talking to references, the key points you should touch on are quality, professionalism, communication, after-service support and how punctual they were. Also, a lot of companies offer a “satisfaction guarantee”, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Companies like that are always a good sign.

Is the cleaning company fully insured?

Check if the window cleaners are insured as this will protect your property in case of any damages incurred to them. It is true that the chances of accidents happening are quite low but it is always better to safe than to be sorry. For example, a falling ladder can cause extensive damage, either to a person or to your house. A cleaning company might not always be able to afford to pay for the damages but if they are insured, compensation for damages will not be an issue. Basically put, insurance safeguards both you and the cleaning company.

Hiring a professional Window Cleaner is better than hiring amateurs

Do not simply trust the word of the company, instead ask for documentation that prove they are insured and check if the insurance covers personal injuries.

How is the safety rating?

It is a no-brainer that the window cleaning company should have a high safety rating. If the firm is unwilling to do show their safety rating, it is probably because they had a few incidents in the past.

Does the package cover everything you need to be done?

This is a very common mistake. Before you begin your search, write a checklist with all the things and areas you need to be cleaned. Once this is done, compare it with the services offered by the company. Some companies clean only the glass and charge extra for the frames and sills while others include it all. Firms that use water-fed pole systems usually include it in the price, but there are few who do not do so. If you come across a quote that is way too low, be sure to ask if such things are included in the price. This is why you should look at multiple companies and ask for quotes from all of them. This gives you a better idea of the market rates as well as finding a great deal.

Window Cleaning Melbourne

Additionally, you should check if the company is affiliated with associations. While these associations are not difficult to enter nor is it necessary to enter into one, an affiliation with a professional association leads credibility to the entire company and shows you that they are serious about their line of work.

Do not go for the low-ball offer

The price offered is not what matters – it is what you get for your money that matters. Cheap window cleaners reduce costs by offering a poor level of service. They could do this by using cheap or low powered equipment, cheap products or by putting in hardly any effort into the job.

When you ask for quotes from several companies, it allows you to gain an understanding of the market and the average price it costs. This way, you can ignore the lowest offer and seek something closer to the average that fits your purpose. A bid which is in the 10% range of other bids is a safe and fair bid. If it is lower than 10%, there is a good possibility that the bidder does not have much experience or has overlooked something while giving a quote.

Whether it is residential or commercial premises, Ministry Of Cleaning is a trusted name for professional Window Cleaning.

This is Chapter 2 of our “Things to Know before you hire” series. For Carpet Cleaning, read our blog on Things to know when you hire professional carpet cleaner.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is the heart of any house, but it is also the area that gets grubby the fastest, and when neglected, it can spiral out of control in no time. However, when you spend hours cooking a fresh, warm dinner for your family, cleaning up after can seem like an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

Kitchen Cleaning

If this scenario is something that sounds familiar to you, here is a compilation of the top tips to make your cooking routine much easier.

Begin with a deep clean

Deep cleaning your kitchen is no easy task, but it is always easier to start off with a clean slate rather than trying to clean a kitchen that has underlying cleanliness issues.

  1. Start off by clearing any items that do not have any business being in the kitchen.
  2. After that, move on to your pantry and cupboards and take out everything present.
  3. Check the labels of any edible products and discard items that are expired or inedible.
  4. Clean out the insides of the cupboard and restock the items back with alike items together and the oldest items towards the front.
  5. Follow the same procedure with the refrigerator; you are sure to have old groceries, empty ketchup bottles and more lying around and taking up space in the fridge.

Wipe down the outsides of the refrigerator and other home appliances including the microwave and the oven. Cleaning down the insides of the oven and microwave might be a trickier job as old dried food do not remove easily. A quick remedy for this is to use the services of a professional cleaning company that specializes in Oven Cleaning. These companies can clean out every bit of food lodged inside over the years and deliver a hygienic and clean oven.

Keep it minimal

Most people line up the bench-tops with all the appliances and utensils. While you might argue that this makes it easier to do your cooking, clearing the benches will give you more room and space for your prep work and most importantly, makes it easier to wipe the bench-top after cooking as you will not have to move multiple items around.

Keeping your things in the cupboard also makes your kitchen look neater and less cluttered. Make an exception for appliances that are used on a daily basis such as a blender or stand mixer. Consider getting a hanging rack for your cooking utensils – spoons, spatula and the like. Now when you are done cooking, all you need is a wet cloth to wipe down the bare counter and you are done!

Make use of a utensil soak

A common technique in restaurants, a utensil soak is ideal for utensils that get used multiple times over during your food preparation. It involves filling up a sink or big bowl with hot water and a bit of dishwasher liquid. When you are done using the spoon or whichever item, just drop it into the bowl. If you need to use it later on, just pick it out and give it a wash. Towards the end of your cooking, make use of any downtime to refill the bowl with clean water and quickly rinse the utensils for the last time.

A utensil soak is excellent for situations such as a party where you might need to reuse the salad forks for dessert. However, make sure to keep utensils used for meat in a separate bowl and avoid dropping knives into the bowl as you can end up cutting your hands when trying to pull out something.

Clean up spills as soon as they occur

This is something we all inherently know, but choose to ignore, especially when we are preoccupied with something else. The truth is, if you clean a spill we soon as it happens, you actually make your life easier. The spilled liquid is much harder to remove after it has hardened itself onto the surface. You might have to soak it, scrap it off or buy a cleaning formula; all for something that could have been wiped off in a few seconds with a wet cloth.

On the same vein, it is better to clean as you go. Keep away spoons, jars and other items away as soon as you are done instead of littering the counter.

Keep a trash bowl at hand

Rather than throwing trash around the counter, keep a trash bowl close to where you are cooking. By using a trash bowl, you will not have to deal with food juice dripping everywhere and you could even peel fruits and vegetables directly into the bowl to save time. You will have to make only one trip to the garbage bin and makes you less likely to forget any trash.

You could also cut short your cleaning time by placing paper on the benchtop. This way, you will not even have to bother with wiping the countertop; all you need to do is wrap up the paper and throw it away!

Set down days and times for chores

Forgetfulness is a common reason for not completing household tasks. Whether it is cleaning the stove or washing the dishes, we are all guilty of it. When you set down days for specific chores and get into a routine, it is harder to forget them. For instance, you can set the task of unloading the dishwasher to after breakfast and once you get into a routine you will be less likely to forget about it.


Few other handy little tips
  •  Make use of the empty space above the refrigerator which is a dust magnet. By keeping a few items there, you can cut down the dust that gets accumulated.
  • Splatter screens are great at preventing oil splashes on the surrounding walls and utensils. Use it while frying and drop it into the dishwasher at the end of the day. You can also find splatter screens for microwaves to keep the insides food free.
  • Use coasters for things like honey jars and other liquids that can drip down and cause a mess.

Ministry Of Cleaning is a trusted and highly rated business offering professional cleaning services in Melbourne. It includes Carpet Cleaning, End Of Lease Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Window Cleaning.

How Does a Clean Workplace Benefit your Business?

The old saying goes ‘untidy desk, untidy mind’ and it often stands true when it comes to a workplace. Having untidy jumbled up workspaces is known to directly correlate with less efficiency and productivity at work. In addition to that, untidy offices can exude a negative effect and a poor impression to your visitors.

Clean Workplace is very important

Regular cleaning of your office should be an essential part of your daily operations. It is a rewarding long term investment that can improve the efficiency of your employees and give an impressive outlook to your business.

Still not convinced how a clean office can help you? Read on as we list the top reasons!

Happy Employees, Happy Results

The employees of your company spend more than half of their day at the office. By keeping their place of employment clean, you can make sure that their work areas are neat, well-organized, and most importantly, ready for work.

Disorganized and untidy offices can be distracting to the employees. They can get in the way of your employees completing their tasks. Blocked pathways through the desks can make it difficult to move around which might affect their motivation and make them and feel unhappy at work.

By taking steps to implement an organized clutter-free office, you will also indirectly encourage other employees to tidy up their areas, resulting in a happy and productive workspace.

If you need some statistics to go along with that, a recent study by Brigham Young University revealed that 88% of the individuals that were interviewed described that their productiveness and the ability to concentrate and learn were hindered in a dingy and unkempt area. 

A First Impression To Remember

If your company welcomes visitors on a regular basis, hiring professional cleaners is absolutely crucial in nailing that perfect first impression.

Put yourself in a client’s shoe. Would you be more confident in dealing with a well-kept professional looking office or a dingy cluttered office where you have to clear your way through the heaps of documents and wires? The answer is simple.

With the services of an office cleaning company, you are sure to have a hygienic and welcoming office any time you invite clients or other guests. An environment of this sort delivers a great first impression and elevates your company and brand in the eyes of a customer.

A Hygienic Workplace

With several employees working within one space, an office can quickly turn into a breeding ground for germs.

Regular vacuuming of floors reduces health hazard

According to Kimberly-Clark Professional, the average office lunch room has approximately 20,000 germs for every square inch. Door knobs, microwave handles, and other locations that employees come into contact regularly are some of the most germ-ridden areas.

The growth of mold is also a health hazard that needs looking out for. It can result in a number of serious illnesses including respiratory issues. Mold grows in damp areas like washrooms.

Proper cleaning, especially of the kitchen and washrooms, lets you stay ahead of the curve and prevent the growth and spread of germs and bacteria.

There is a direct relationship between clean working spaces and better employee health. This, in turn, means employees will take less sick leaves, allowing your company to operate at maximum efficiency.

Some of the steps you can take to maintain hygienic surroundings include throwing away trash to designated bins and never leaving trash overnight. Train your employees to follow the basic etiquettes such as avoiding food messes and organizing their desks.

Carpets can hide an array of germs and bacteria so you might need carpet cleaning periodically. The common kitchen requires a thorough clean up on a weekly basis. Do not forget the insides of the microwave while you are at it.

Ensures Safety

While this is not one of the first things that come to mind when speaking about a clean workplace, a tidy workplace can also vastly contribute to everyone’s safety.

Don’t Understand the ABC’s?

OSHA Australia defines occupational hazard, as “anything in the workplace that can cause harm”. This form of hazard is caused by negligence on behalf of the employer or unawareness of the hazard by employees.

An untidy workplace could pose invisible threats. For instance, clutter on the floor might hide wires that staff members could trip over and hurt themselves. Boxes stacked in an unsafe manner could topple on a worker and seriously injure him. Desks and office equipment kept in a random manner could block exits and fire exits, making it much more difficult to escape in case of an evacuation. Such safety issues can leave you, as the employer, open to lawsuits.

Improve Assets’ Useful Life and Reduce Costs

Initially, you might consider Professional cleaning as an expense, but if you really think about it, it can be considered an investment. Your office equipment such as carpets, machines, and computer equipment get cared for, which ensures you can use them for longer. The bottom line is, professional cleaning can cost you every month, but when you look at the big picture, you can eventually save a significant amount.

Improves the Air Quality in your Office

Air quality is not only important for residences, but workplace as well. It usually is not a priority when it comes to offices, but it can have a great impact on the performance level, not to mention the health of the staff members. 

Fun fact: Airborne pollutants are one hundred times greater indoors when compared with the outdoors.

This means having proper ventilation and an air filtering system. These methods of providing an extra supply of air into the office area are absolutely crucial for the employees who spend most of their days at the office. Keep vents clear and consider adding a few indoor plants to filter out carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

In short, a tidy and sanitized working area displays a standard of professionalism. It conveys to employees and consumers that you care about the company. The task of regularly cleaning your office can seem daunting as house cleaning, but with a professional cleaning company at hand to do the dirty work, you can lie back while they ensure your office looks sparkling and ready for business.

Office Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

What is Builders Cleaning?

Cleaning up a construction site can be a big hassle. There is stuff all over the place, no matter how hard the builder worked to keep things organized. All the dust, debris and material is strewn all over the construction space. Being forced to ask the construction crew to clean up after themselves can be expensive and not necessarily good enough for your liking.

This is where a builders cleaning service can come in handy. This is a service tailored towards after construction cleaning. The skills, equipment and intelligent approach employed by our Builders Cleaning in Melbourne allows you to forget your post construction cleaning woes. All you have to do is wait for a while and you’ll have an extra clean space.

Builders Cleaning
Builders Cleaning

Why do you need builders cleaning?

Builders can argue that they’ve been involved in enough construction to be able to take care of the cleaning detail by themselves. However, at the end of the day, they are constructors, not cleaners. This also gives them a chance to bill you another day at their construction rates. While their crew may be capable of cleaning and making the site spotless, they are likely to take more time than a dedicated cleaning service like ours.

Who to hire for Builders Cleaning?

Our expert servicemen have an optimized approach to after construction cleaning. Cleaning debris, carrying equipment to make sure the place is spotless and even being able to move the dirt and debris to a disposal site. When it comes to builders cleaning, you name it, we’ve thought of it.

Hiring us to do the construction cleaning makes more sense because our focus is only on the cleaning. There is nothing else to distract us from the process, and we have dedicated personnel and equipment for the task.

Renovation cleaning

As dedicated cleaners, we tend to be faster than most in house cleaning crews. We have the equipment, expertise and experience. When it comes to renovation cleaning, speed is of the essence. It really helps to be sure you can start setting up your space soon after the construction is over. With our cleaning techniques, the place will be sparkling and look brand new in double quick time.

Technical cleaning expertise

We clean your windows, walls, ceilings with specially identified techniques to give the best clean quality in the least amount of time. Our Builders Cleaners have a different approach to different types of floors. Moreover, our multi-layered approach to cleaning ensures that we progress in the right way. Eliminating debris and dust before we get to wet cleaning and polishing processes.

Our knowledge makes us a great pick for cleaning a variety of different type of surfaces. Glass, marble, concrete, wood etc., there’s nothing we don’t know how to clean. Using the right type of cleaning materials is an important part of the cleaning to ensure that your precious interiors and exteriors do not get stained.

Contact us now for premium after construction cleaning!

Our builders cleaning in Melbourne has serviced many happy customers with our precise and intelligent approach to post construction cleaning.

Tips To Get Your Bond Back

Ready to move into rented property and worried how you will get your bond money back at the end?

At the end of your lease term and wondering if you will get back your Bond Money?

Spent hours mopping, cleaning floors and tiles and still in doubt if you will get your Bond Money back?

Well, you are not alone. One of the most common issues faced by the tenants in Melbourne and other cities of Australia is the full refund of bond at the end of tenancy lease. Often landlords and property managers hold up the bond money referring to lack of cleanliness of the place. Even though, you spend hours cleaning up the place, but something or the other goes wrong and there is a chance of losing your Bond money. This is a very tedious process to go through and seriously several people face this issue. However, if certain things are kept in mind right at the beginning of the lease term, you can surely get your full security deposit back. Here are few of them –


Once you’ve made a decision on the property to move in, check the condition of the place yourself. Inspect the property meticulously for any existing short-comings or damages. Make sure that you mention all these details to your landlord and in the lease papers so that any future dispute over the pre-existing damages could be settled and your bond money is safe.



This is the crucial one to remember. While you take care of other things like location, neighborhood, structure of the property etc. keep in mind the condition of the property and the documentation. Inspect the state of the property and then verify the terms and conditions mentioned in the lease papers to avoid any future dispute. A thorough reading of the documents, before you move into the property, is necessary for you to understand what you are signing up for.



Click pictures of every nook and corner of the property and keep them safe as a proof for future references. These pictures would help you in strengthening your case that you have not been responsible for bringing any damage that could be deducted from the bond money. Also, it is better to fix any issues in the property as and when they crop up such as broken window or anything of the sort. This will ensure that your bond money is safe at the time of departure.



Pay all your rent in time and file the receipts safely. This will give you an upper hand in building a strong profile as a tenant and also would serve as evidence in case of any bond money disputes. Some anomalies are acceptable but continuous irregularities can harm your credit score and your reputation as well.

When you move in, the landlord gives you a set of keys which are a part of the deal that losing the keys can cost you a massive deduction in your bond money after all; locks and keys are expensive and replacing them is another ballgame altogether.



Another important aspect of securing your entire bond money is keeping the rented property clean (one should keep the property clean anyway), which is also called- Vacate Cleaning.


Once you have given a proper notice that you’ll be vacating the property, you should take enough time out to set the property in order as you received, when you first moved in so that the landlord cannot question your tenancy or hold up your precious bond money. This End of Lease Cleaning can also be done by hired professionals such as Bond Cleaning Melbourne services.  Professional cleaners have the expertise in Exit Cleaning, cleaning every nook and corner of your rented property to ensure that it is sparkling and neat. So, next time, if you are leaving rented property, take care of only the nuances of moving in or out and leave the Rental Bond Cleaning to the experts to clean the property before it is vacated.

Take care of these few general tips while renting property and you can be rest assured, your Bond Money will be safe!

Why Spring Cleaning does not always have to be a diy?

Why does anyone need Spring Cleaning?

You know what they say, “A clean home is a happy home.” and today we will look into the
most essential yet the most celebrated part of our daily lives which is cleaning. Now, with
spring around the corner, it is best time to get out there and give your home the well deserved clean. Once Off or the spring cleaning involves get in those neglected
nook and corners of the house. And what could be better than welcoming the new year into a clean home.

Why hire spring cleaning professionals?

You can either plan it as a full day event or divide it over a couple of days and get every inch of that dust lying around the house. But ever wondered how it would feel to sit back and relax while the house is being deep cleaned by professionals. This is why, especially around spring time, the most appreciated and well-paid job around the globe is of the spring cleaners.


Experience counts

Personally, I know there exists a little hesitance when it comes to trusting outsiders with your home maintenance. However, speaking with experience, I have never felt I got my money’s worth until I paid the spring cleaners last spring. We can never ignore the mere fact that just like any other job which requires tedious training and practising, spring cleaners are no exception. They work with so much enthusiasm and motivation that they make you second guess yourself and question your own cleaning practises that you have been performing all these years.

Professionals vs DIY

Many people still ask, “Why choose spring cleaners over yourself?”.

I have 2 ways to answer this question.

  • Loving clean home doesn’t mean you love cleaning. And you can’t really complete this tedious task unless you are into it. You are better off spending this time in something you love doing.
  • Secondly, spring cleaning can take anywhere between 4 to 12 hours depending on size and cleaning checklist. So, it might be more challenging that you might think.

Moreover, with growing competition, booking a spring cleaning service is not as costly as it used to be. You can even book some Spring Cleaners in Melbourne online in less than 2 min.

Also, in today’s face paced world, a human mind is clustered. By that I mean, in a fraction of 10 seconds, a human brain goes through 20 different thoughts and that is why I think trusting yourself to be able to focus just on cleaning is merely impossible for any of us today.

Kitchen Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

Moreover, due to this lack of focus, we might end up going easy with the cleaning or
neglecting certain areas like maybe choosing to wipe off the surface of the oven instead of
deep cleaning.

bathroom cleaning
bathroom cleaning

This is why it is easier to hand over this tough job of deep cleaning the house around spring
time to professional cleaners and trust that they will do the most efficient job. It is tough to
trust just anyone but you can always check the ratings and reviews of the cleaning services
before booking yourself a trusted and experienced cleaner to take care of your home the
same way you would do.

Now, because of the growing trend of hiring spring cleaners for your homes, the availability
of the same has been increasing rapidly as well. For example, if I just look up “Spring Cleaners” for my area today, I will be flooded with hundreds of options and this only goes to prove how it is becoming a tendency for people to let in outside cleaners in order to let the professionals handle the mess while we sit back and relax.

Is it worth it?

Furthermore, even though the idea of paying someone to perform tasks that you think you
can easily do by yourself seems a bit bizarre, trust me the comfort is worth every penny spent. Whether it is End Of Lease Cleaning Cleaning or Spring Cleaning, some tasks are best left to professionals.

The Verdict

So, just book today and do not worry, you do not have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, you can choose from the options available and watch your work being done more quickly and efficiently right in front of your eyes. This way you do not lose your focus and the professionals make money from theirs so think about it, it is a win-win situation after all.

Cost of House Cleaning in Melbourne

Everyone loves a beautifully cleaned home. But do you want to clean it? May be not.

Let’s be real, not everyone loves cleaning! Some people might be okay cleaning their homes. However, if given an option, they will more likely go for it.

This option is to hire professional house cleaners.

As you as you decide that you need help with domestic cleaning, there will be lot of questions in your mind.

First one could be where to find a good cleaner. And how?

Then how much do they charge?

Well, this is what we will briefly talk about.


How much does it cost to hire House cleaning professionals in Melbourne?

Depending on whether the cleaner is working independently or through an agency or cleaning company, cost would vary.

We have seen independent cleaners charging anywhere between $25 per hour to $45 per hour. There are various factors governing where would your cleaner be in this pricing range.

Your location as in where do you live is the primary factor. If you live in one of the costliest Melbourne suburbs like Toorak, Brighton, Malvern, Brunswick, Essendon, Balwyn etc. then you can expect to pay more. This is sort of additional suburb tax that you might be paying to the cleaner or the cleaning company you hire.

However, in relatively more-affordable-suburbs like Craigieburn, Pascoe Vale, Point Cook, Clayton, Ringwood, the cost would certainly be lower than pricey suburbs.

Another important A spring Clean, once off clean or an end of lease clean would cost more than a regular house cleaning.


How long do professional cleaner take to clean a house?

General House Cleaning

As a rule of thumb, number of bedrooms = number of hours need for general house cleaning. However, most of cleaners would charge for minimum 2 hours.

The above estimation may vary depending on the size, condition and your cleaning wish list.

For example, one of trusted professional cleaning company based in Melbourne charges $70 to do general cleaning for a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom unit. This equates to $35 per hour per cleaner.

Similarly, a 4 bedrooms house cleaning would cost around $140. This is calculated based on 4 hours of general clean. It could be a couple spending two hours each, or one cleaner cleaning for 4 hours.

One thing worth noting is that if you have not been cleaning your home regularly, it might take longer for the first clean. This big clean could take an hour or so extra to get on the top of it. 

Regular House Cleaning Checklist

  • Kitchen – Benchtop, Cooktop, Splashback, Sink, Taps
  • Bathroom – Shower Screen , Vanity, Basin, Taps
  • Dusting the Furniture
  • Vacuuming the floors including Carpets
  • Mopping the hard floors

Spring Cleaning & Once Off Cleaning

Once or twice a year, you might need a deep clean, including additional areas for cleaning like cabinets, skirting boards, windows to be cleaned. This is also known as Spring Cleaning or Once Off Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning is suitable when you are preparing your home for change of season, an event or just a get together. It will require extra elbow grease and time to clean doors, walls, skirtings, so cleaner might charge extra hourly rate as well.

End Of Lease Cleaning & Vacate Cleaning

For Rental Bond Cleaning or End Of Tenancy Vacate Cleaning, the checklist gets even more tedious and exhaustive. This service is called End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne.

This is recommended when you are vacating your lease property and need to get your bond back from the real estate agent or the holding agency.

You can read our blog for cost of hiring vacate cleaners.

Hope this helps.

Cost of Vacate Cleaning Melbourne?

When ending a lease in Melbourne, there is lot to do including the cleaning. It’s certainly a good idea to hire professional end of lease cleaners to help you get your bond back. This cleaning service is also commonly referred to as Vacate Cleaning Melbourne.

Vacate Cleaning Service is not just limited to lease. Whether you are preparing your house for sale, or even handing it over, you need to get it cleaned. This brings us to our subject.

vacate cleaning

How much does Vacate Cleaning Cost?

Undoubtedly, cleaning a house top to bottom needs a lot of time and elbow grease. To help calculate cost, we need to keep property size, condition and layout in mind. Moreover, if you have carpets, you would need to get it professionally steam cleaned. Let’s look at some estimates below.

A professional cleaning company would charge anywhere between $40 per hour to $50 per hour per person for cleaning. So, if your property takes 4 hours to clean, you can expect to pay between $160 to $200 depending on the hourly cost.

Generally, vacate cleaners will quote you based on the number of hours estimated for your property size. For example, a vacate cleaning company in Melbourne charges $45 per hour for exit cleaning. They estimate around 5 hours for cleaning a standard size 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in reasonable condition. Based on this calculation, they quote $225 for apartment cleaning. Carpet Steam Cleaning is quoted an extra $75 assuming carpets in 2 bedrooms and a small living room.

In Contrast, In Canberra, this can cost you more. So, a same 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment would cost you around $400 for bond back cleaning.

In addition, be ready to pay extra for any outside cleaning like porch, outside windows, balcony, so on and so forth.

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist

Furthermore, if you are wondering, what all is included in the standard End of Lease Cleaning or Vacate Cleaning, here’s the list.

End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist
End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean all cabinets from inside and outside
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas including Splashback, benchtops etc.
  • Deep Clean of Oven including Grills and Trays
  • Cleaning cook top, grill, rangehood exterior and degrease range hood filter
  • Clean the sink and taps


  • Clean shower screen including all soap scum, grime
  • Scrub shower tiles and grout and spray mould remover
  • Clean bathtub (if any)
  • Wipe Clean all surface areas, shower rails and mirrors
  • Clean Vanity and taps

Everywhere in the house

  • Clean all cupboards and wardrobes inside and outside
  • Remove the cobwebs
  • Wipe clean all inside windows and sills
  • Dust the vents
  • Wipe the skirting boards
  • Clean light switches
  • Vacuum all floors and mop hard floors
  • Steam clean carpets (if applicable)

Read more about how to choose a cleaner here.

Things to know before booking Vacate Cleaning Melbourne

Looking for Vacate Cleaning Melbourne Professionals?

If you are vacating a property in Australia, chances are you need to hire professional cleaning service to clean the premises before you hand it over to next tenants. Whether you are ending your lease, selling your place or putting it on lease, vacate cleaning melbourne is an integral part of this process.

end of lease cleaning

For leased properties, your property manager or landlord would not release your bond til the property is returned in the original condition as when leased. So, here are few tips that you can use when hiring end of lease cleaning melbourne:

1. Search on google or facebook for professional companies providing end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning service. Some companies might list this is Bond Cleaning service as well.

2. You might request a quote via email or phone call. Make sure you call the company to check how easily you can reach out to them in case you need help with any issues later on. There are some websites with no real support system, they just take your booking and money and never show up for job.

3. Research how long have been in cleaning business and ask for bond back guarantee. Basically Bond Back Guarantee ensures that if your property managers reports any cleaning issues, your cleaners should return and re-clean the areas. I would ask my property manager to inspect while the cleaners are there to check the issue is rectified upto their satisfaction. This will get your bond refunded promptly.

4. Your real estate agent might also recommend their own cleaners. Chances are these cleaners would be a lot more expensive then the normal market rate. So, make sure you compare their quotes against other cleaning businesses in the area.

5. Avoid hiring freelancer cleaners, or companies from gumtree that are not registered or established. Lot of these ads are posted by people who are not in full time cleaning business and just looking to make money on the side. They are not professional cleaners and would not be able to clean the place upto the real estate standards for vacate cleaning to get your bond back.

6. I would always check ABN number online for the company you contact for quotes. You can see the registration details including when they started business. I would avoid businesses registered less than 2 years ago. These companies might not have enough experience in vacate cleaning melbourne.

7. Do not just settle for any company offering cheapest quote. I would suggest to check their reviews online on google as well. Said that, take the reviews with a grain of salt as reviews are not 100 percent representation of how good a company actually is. It will regardless give you some idea about the standard of service. I would suggest paying little extra to hire a company with better reviews and offering reliability. You do not want the cheap quoting company cancelling on you at the last minute.

8. Avoid a company that doesn’t show up on google search. These are pop up companies that are risky to hire.

9. Try to get an onsite quote rather than on phone quote. On-site quote will help avoid any surprise for you and the cleaners on the day when they come to clean. If you can’t get an on-site quote, confirm if the quote provided via email or phone is fixed. You also need to make sure that quote includes the inclusions and exclusions clearly. If the cleaners are not ready to provide fixed quote, then you should ask what factors can change the price.

It will help you compare apples with apples. You would want to avoid a situation, where you hired a company who quoted you less but later increase the price on the day. That would leave you with fewer options as hiring someone else on the same day might cost you more anyways. Another avoidable scenario is hiring someone with lower quote and  too many exclusions.

10. Finally, leave a review for the business that you hire. So if you are happy with the service, review them with 5 stars. Otherwise as appropriate with explaining your experience as in what could they do better. If the service is not upto mark, it might be good idea to provide an opportunity to make up for it.

I am quite sure you would not go wrong if you follow the above 10 tips before you hire an vacate cleaning melbourne professional.

Avail the Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpet cleaning refers to all the procedures engaged in the removal of dirt, stains, allergens and other things that make the carpet appear dirty. The cleaning of the carpet is very essential since a clean carpet would result in a healthier environment of the room allowing the residents to breathe in fresh air. Good quality carpet cleaning services are readily available in Melbourne and therefore it is not very difficult to find one. Most importantly, these cleaning services are available at a pocket friendly price and hence not very difficult to afford as well.

Features of Carpet Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There are some special features of the carpet cleaning services which are available in Melbourne. These attractive features of the cleaning services that makes them the best are as described below.

  • First and foremost, the cleaning service provided is an effective and an eco – friendly one.
  • Quality services are provided in a quick span of time making it convenient for the people.
  • The service providers pay special attention to the harsh and tough stains which are very difficult to remove thereby assuring the customers of a quality cleaning. Some of the service providers even give a hundred percent guarantee of removal of all sorts of stains.
  • The carpet cleaning services are available 24*7 which makes it very convenient for the customers to select any time as per their choice. Moreover, one can even get a same day service as well which fulfils the urgent needs of the customers if there is any.
  • If there is any pet in the house, it is quite sure that there would be some obvious smell of their urine or faces but the carpet cleaning service makes sure that no smell of any sort remains.
  • The carpet cleaning services can simply be called up any time for a free quotation and a demo.
  • The carpet cleaners even provide assistance in the removal of small furniture without charging any additional money from the customers.
  • The Melbourne carpet cleaners provide a post cleaning inspection to check for ant issues.

Thus, it can be well understood that what services one can expect from the carpet cleaning services available in Melbourne.